September 2013

September 2013

Legal (dress) code. While citizens of France and Switzerland roil over the wearing of burkas, a courtroom in Bucharest, Romania, explodes over shoes. Specifically, blue suede sneakers with fluorescent green stripes worn by a male defense lawyer, (only $265 for the pair). Disrespect to the court, declared the judge (female). Four hours later, it was back to normal (new), with judge, advocate and the sneakers again in place. Still missing: $27 million worth of stolen paintings.

It’s not all obesity. In the first such study, researchers at the University of Illinois say fitness means more than body weight in the classroom. The more difficult a lesson in English or math, the more important it is for the student to have good physical fitness (based on a timed run and body mass index). Children who were overweight but relatively fit were found to have higher test scores than lighter, less fit children. That still doesn’t mean you should go home and train on a diet of Twinkies.

Whippersnappers, young and not so. Businessman Jason Nazar says there are a lot of things the next generation needs to learn about the workplace. Among his tips: 1) Pick up the phone. Stop hiding behind your computer. 2) Be the first in and the last to leave. 3) Read more books, fewer tweets. Jason is 34. There’s nothing quite like hearing a guy with no waist and all his hair muttering: “These kids….”

Driving lessons from Detroit. You don’t turn it over to other people to drive. You steer, shift and brake it yourself. Work it or it goes over the cliff. We’re talking cities here, not cars. The Big 3 auto manufacturers ceded control of their capital decades ago. Now they’ve re-emerged as booming businesses, in a landscape of utter despair.

The Parent-Teacher Association. New information from home and school suggests a malady common to both: parents and teachers too often just want to be popular. “Nice” can be a vile four-letter word if it’s permanent in the development of a child. Add “rote” and “grit” for Justin or Harper to really get somewhere.

Quote to note: “I love rumors! Facts can be so misleading, where rumors, true or false, are often revealing.” — Quentin Tarantino

Another quote to note: “A man is about as big as the things that make him angry.” — Winston Churchill

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We welcomed the fall with the addition of a Georgia-based foundation known for environmental stewardship and sustainability in businesses and communities around the world. Their message is clear, their vision clearer: take care of today for tomorrow’s child.

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