September 2009

September 2009

September 2009

Don’t it look nice just lyin’ there? It was The Worst.  Or maybe The Longest.  Or perhaps The Deepest.  Whatever it was, the Fed chairman says it’s likely over.  Score one for the corporate economists who told us all along: “Wait for third quarter.”  It was technology that drove us into The Great Recession further and faster than almost anybody knew. Now, maybe it’s pulling us out.

The Myopic Manager. A New Zealand woman got $17,000 in damages because she was fired without warning for supposedly causing “discord in the workplace.”  Her offense?  She had been sending emails loaded with block capitals, bold type and red text.

Blowing smoke. The New England Journal of Medicine says life and health insurance companies penalize smokers by requiring higher premiums.  We probably all know that.  We didn’t know the companies own an estimated $4.4 billion in tobacco stock.

“Freegans”? That’s the new word for a growing group of people who have decided they will use only items that have been used before.  Annie Hall becomes a movement.  

Nad-o-text. Yes (since somebody asked), there are inventions that prevent drivers from answering texts and calls unless they’re at a complete stop.  No, there aren’t vast numbers of people lining up to buy them.  Think twice.  Save a life.

The bigger the waist…the smaller the brain.  No kidding.   Researchers are still working out the exact proportions, which should bring a whole new dimension to people-watching.

Oh, Dawgs! Earlier this year, more affluent Husky fans at the University of Washington had the option to give as much as $1,000 tax-free to “Dawgs Supporting Dawgs.”  The campaign permits the needy to stay on the priority ticket list.

Contest. Using an unladylike “b-word,” he emailed his buddy Barbara. But the auto-populate feature on his computer sent it to another “Barbara” at the corporate office.  One more jobless statistic.  (We asked for your favorite workplace email tale.  Jennifer Keaton of Elarbee Thompson gets a book for that one.)

Quote to note. “When the tide goes out, you learn who’s been swimming naked.” – Warren Buffett

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Last month The Ledlie Group assisted as the first Georgia Ethics in Business Award went to banker James H. Blanchard of Columbus, Georgia. Congratulations to Jimmy.  Kudos to the sponsors: The Georgia Lottery Corporation, Georgia Trend magazine and The Georgia Chamber of Commerce.

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