May 2008

May 2008

May 2008

Admissions angst. College admissions season reminds us once again of a few temporal verities.

1) The clearest indicator of a potentially successful college experience is twofold: the amount per capita given
by alumni and the percentage of each class participating in the annual fund. Look there first. All the rest is
2) There is absolutely no correlation between the school you attend and your chance of becoming a CEO of a
major corporation.
3) Hot schools follow the economic sun. So do museums, opera companies and major league sports teams. “I
am a farmer so my son may be a merchant and his son a poet.”

The Pope in perspective. Did you notice how the dominant media framework of the papal visit swiftly
evolved from “How will the U.S. take to the Pope?” to “Why does the Pope love the U.S.?” It was stampede
journalism at its quickest. Credit the guiding hand of Cardinal John Patrick Foley, head of Social
Communications at the Vatican – and an American.

Attack the hack. Tired of the “action-packed” film, the “page-turner” book, the “kicky” fashion? Time to join
the swelling chorus at, which is based in the U.S. and devoted to the extraction of stale
cheese from the language. The Sunday Telegraph, the liveliest newspaper extant, bemoans the lack of similar
monitoring on their side of the whale-road.

Dwindling readers. Worldwide, we’re alone in this. Tallying the continual decline of hard copy newspaper
readers, The Wall Street Journal was down 3.8 percent to 2,011,882 last year, while The New York Times
suffered a 7.2 percent decline to 1,037,828. Close to home, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution had a 16.8
percent decline to 318,350; this in a metropolitan area whose suburbs are widely acknowledged to be, literally,
the fastest-growing in human history. Our affiliates on five other continents say titles in their countries continue
to thrive.

Quote to note. “I always have a quotation for everything. It saves original thinking.” – Dorothy L. Sayers

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