March 2016

March 2016

Namaste, y’all. There’s screaming, drinking, cursing, and heavy metal. No, we aren’t talking about a rock concert. It’s a new kind of yoga that is less focused on tranquility, silence, or really anything to do with finding your inner chi. “Rage Yoga” was started in a Canadian brewery by (shocker) someone going through a bad break up. This could be the exercise craze we’ve all been waiting for.

Umm… forget the shadow, I don’t think he’s moving. Groundhog Day, though it’s come and gone, never really made much sense to us. A giant gerbil comes out of its hole and if it sees a shadow – bad news. Canada may be in for the worst Spring yet. Just days before the groundhog ceremony, its own Punxsutawney Phil died.

The price of tea in China, or something like that. When something becomes so cheap even thieves won’t steal it, there must be a problem. Pirates – the scourge of the open sea – won’t even bother stealing oil anymore, especially since the barrels themselves may be worth more than the oil they contain. Here’s an idea: ship gold bars in oil drums.

One track mind. A recently released study by Simon Fraser is aiming to help us better understand why we do or do not remember things. For starters, the brain can only hold so many units of information at a time, despite the belief that some people have a higher capacity for storage. Now scientists say it’s all about paying attention and keeping distractions at bay. So the next time your co-worker comes in to tell you about their son’s little league loss, tell them you can’t be bothered.

LOL? More like S.O.S. Can you recall the last time you saw someone under the age of 21 making a phone call? Neither can we. Texting has become the main method of communication for a vast majority of the population, particularly teenagers. A new study from the American Psychological Association finds that girls are much more likely than boys to become “compulsive texters.” Girls are also more likely to see their academics suffer as a result. Why? The study found that, although teenage boys and girls send approximately the same number texts per day, boys are usually conveying information, whereas girls are expressing feelings and connecting socially. What’s even more scary is that the study also found that teens (of both genders) only spend about six minutes on school-related tasks before getting distracted by social media.

Quote to note: “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” – Abraham Lincoln, 1809 – 1865

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