June 2008

June 2008

June 2008

Obits, please. The Capital Times, the 90-year-old daily newspaper of Madison, Wis., ended its print version
and began publishing online only. Some say there is life after print, maybe even a better life. But it’s hard to
conceive of a state capital without government workers hidden inside their daily newspapers.

Jaundiced journalism 2008. Does a camera phone make a journalist? More and more reporters tell their
audiences, “Send us your pictures and we’ll cover your story.” William Randolph Hearst spoke eerily similar
words to Frederic Remington in 1898: “You furnish the pictures and I’ll furnish the war.” A free press is
predicated on journalism remaining independent and skeptical. Be weary of a shepherd led by sheep.

Censorship slackened? In response to the tragic Sichuan earthquake, China’s strict media censors veered off
from their usual tight course. An Olympic nation can handle an earthquake, apparently, but not more than one
Tibet or Tiananmen at a time.

Necessity’s children. What are the greatest inventions? The printing press, the telephone, antibiotics and the
automobile arguably deserve a place. Do we owe gratitude for each invention to a solitary genius? A recent
article (in something called The New Yorker) explores the phenomenon of simultaneous discovery, a concept
science historians call “multiples” – the idea that scientific discoveries are, in some ways, inevitable since they
can happen in more than one place and involve more than one mind.

Nota bene. A real ink pen. Fine paper. An embossed envelope to match. Those are the ingredients of the
thank-you notes of yesteryear. Want to make a stand-out impression in the email world? Look for a stationer
(and bring your credit card).

Home plate advantage. As we swing toward summer, we pay homage to baseball’s anthem, “Take Me Out to
the Ball Game.” The tune turns 100 this year. Be the first to name the songwriter of the seventh-inning tune
and where the song was written and receive a book. (Gangway, Google!)

Quote to note: “Then let us, one and all, be contented with our lot; The June is here this morning, and the sun is
shining hot; Oh! let us fill our hearts up with the glory of the day, And banish ev’ry doubt and care and sorrow
far away.” ~ James Whitcomb Riley. Sometimes doggerel works.

Thanks for reading.

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