July / August 2009

July / August 2009

July / August 2009

More than one way to win. In the middle of a recession (or is it towards the end?), the Georgia Lottery Corporation transferred over $800 million netted in FY 2008-2009 to Georgia pre-schools and colleges.  That was $4 million more than last year.  Almost as surprising, most of the nation’s oldest universities were started by a lottery.  So were an estimated 150 colonial and federalist churches.

Nothing to SOL (Snark Out Loud) about. Lawyers say text messaging has turned into the latest form of workplace abuse.  Several settlements have been secured as the result of late-night texting, some sexual in nature, from bosses and others.

Netboox? Well, they actually call it BookSwim.  It’s the first online service lending paperbacks, hardcovers and college textbooks directly to the homes of its patrons.  A virtual library, in fact, for some of the 36 million Americans who read one or more books a month.

Danger: small pointing device! In the United Kingdom, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) says the act of aiming a laser into a cockpit should be treated as a criminal offense.  The lasers, no bigger than a pen and costing less than £10 apiece, have the power to momentarily blind pilots and consequently force landings.  In Glasgow alone, nine laser incidents have occurred over the past five months.

Fat-free cookies = french fries? They’re both on the Top Ten Worst Snack Foods List (cookies #8 and french fries #1).  You can find the whole list on www.yourtotalhealth.com.

How are phone calls like emails? In the workplace, we believe they’re the same.  No personal calls allowed on company phones?  Ditto for personal emails.  The Barran Liebman law firm in Portland has come up with other ways for companies to think about this sensitive subject (read the full article).  Your favorite story about workplace emails could earn you a gift card.  Can you send it to us by August 21?

Quote to note: “I have led a long, productive life based on only two pieces of advice, both of which I learned as a preschooler some 80 years ago.  First, I try to play nicely with everybody; second, if I am crabby, I take a nap.  What more does anyone need to know?”  – Eleanor Blumenberg, Santa Monica, California.

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The Ledlie Group’s Allison Johnson formerly headed more than 450 engineers, draftsmen and program managers at one of the world’s largest airlines.  She shares that experience with aspiring managers at www.theledliegroup.com.


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