July 2015

July 2015

Together, for now. The book, so the story goes, was called “You and Me,” about a little rabbit and a little fox, and the first grade teacher was reading it aloud on the final day of school. Suddenly she looked up. Half the class was weeping. “Why are we crying?” she asked. “Because we’re going to miss our class,” they bawled. “We’re going to miss you!” Group hug. Big group hug.


It’s really important to be important. You may know of Corporate Speak. That’s when you say “bandwidth” and you mean “available time.” Or “bilateral” for “one-on-one meeting.” Now Corporate Speak has become a game. The words are listed on cards for listeners to mark off whenever they hear them in a business setting. Notice the inflation factor here. A little of my time is equated to the vastness of computer capacity. A talk with the boss is elevated to a conference between nations.


Arf arf. Arf arf arf. That’s $10, please. The puppy party is picking up, if you’ll pardon the pun. A California dog breeder charges $200 an hour to bring in just-weaned pups. He’ll do about 800 parties this year – mostly for little kids but increasingly for bachelorettes and, now, fraternity boys at USC (surely you can figure out why). The French say America is the nation that won’t grow up. Actually that might be our secret weapon.


There are another 2,000 waiting outside. It’s only about $250 a week, and $100 of that goes towards room and board. Another $50 is earmarked for savings. They can spend the rest. Who are they? Army privates? Nuns? Actually, the no-longer homeless, now hard at work on grungy jobs and studying after hours, while staying clean and sober under their own roofs. Georgia Works and its founder Bill McGahan have done in two years what judges, cops, politicos, and night shelters could only attempt – showing 64 of the most forgotten a way out of the Atlanta streets.


But hurry. Ever wonder how they pick those gimmicky products that appear on TV with that ebullient guest lady flouting them. (“Oh, wow. A pocket-sized hair removal tool!”) Clue: A “lifestyle expert” is set to appear next month on an Atlanta telecast showing five “must-have back-to-school items.” She’ll show your product on camera, and for only $895.


This just in. Bob Schieffer, retiring after a long run as a really good news anchor, fondly recalled the sporty TR4 of his young adulthood in Fort Worth, all sleek and British racing green. It’s not the same car that he drove Lee Harvey Oswald’s mother in (that was a borrowed Cadillac). But it was rather like the slick restoration that just rolled onto an auction block for $33,000. Bob paid $3,000 for his.


Vinyl makes a comeback. Sort of.

Source: http://www.digitalmusicnews.com/permalink/2015/01/20/vinyl-comeback-really-looks-like


Quote to note: “August depresses me a little. I don’t even feel like eating. And when I don’t eat, that’s a sure sign of stagnation.” – Willard Scott


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