July 2013

July 2013

Ribbit. Ribbit. (Repeat indefinitely.) An Atlanta lady, looking at everlasting highs in the low 80s and rainstorms as frequent as three or four a day, concludes the world will not end in fire or ice but in a terrarium.

Everybody’s business. The Irish both south and north have found Rory McIlroy a point of contention. Everything about the young champion makes a noise: his national affiliation, his agent, even his choice of driver. He is a Catholic from the Protestant north. He is a British citizen with a UK passport who lives in the U.S. (specifically in non-income-taxing Florida). “Well, what is he exactly?” they ask over there on the auld sod, having run out of other questions. Maybe he’s the future.

The quote is actually from the Mississippi State Constitution. “The past is never dead. It’s not even past,” said actor Owen Wilson in “Midnight in Paris.”  Whoa, thass our line, said the William Faulkner estate, citing the novel Requiem for a Nun. Federal judge Michael P. Mills dismissed their suit against Sony Pictures in an amiable decision fraught with literary allusions.

The Funding Fathers.  Here’s the previously unreported scene, word for word, from 1776: “John Hancock looked up, startled, but recovered his poise: ‘We’ve developed a list of foundations to approach. Unfortunately, none of them have giving areas that include democratic revolutions, perhaps because there hasn’t been a democratic revolution before. They also want to know who else is funding it, and how we’re going to continue the funding when their grants run out. And several of them say our revolution has to wait until they’re finished doing something called ‘strategic planning.’” Learn more online at: http://www.blueavocado.org/content/founding-fathers-write-grant-proposal

See the secret formula for further details. The colors of the Coca-Cola label – usually distinctive red script on a white background or vice versa – haven’t changed in over a century. But in Argentina the words “Coca-Cola” now sometimes appear in that famously ornate font on a green background.  It’s the global kickoff of what Coke is describing as “natural,” lower-calorie Coca-Cola Life.

Mr. Dooley, the Chicago tavern keeper, ponders justice (c. 1910). “Whin th’ case is all over, the jury’ll pitch th’ testimony out iv th’ window, an’ consider three questions: ‘Did Lootgert look as though he’d kill his wife? Did his wife look as though she ought to be kilt? Isn’t it time we wint to supper?’”

Pretty good for a graphics guy. “Boy Scouts could be decamped, artists delineated, and French philosophers DesCarted….”   So says David Laufer, continuing the thread of puns begun here last month by Ken Yarbrough. Any other punsters?  (David’s new book is Dialogues with Creative LegendsP: Aha Moments in a Designer’s Career.)

Quote to note: “There is no such thing as bad weather, just different kinds of good weather.”  – John Ruskin


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