July 2008

July 2008

July 2008

Put it on Page One. There’s hope for newspapers despite years of hemorrhaging circulation and financial
decline. If you add online readers to print readers, more people are actually reading “newspapers” than ever
before. They’re just not all paying. Nor are advertisers paying for them.

Make time for boredom. Monotonous minutes deserve a place in our hustle-bustle lives, says Boston Globe
reporter Carolyn Y. Johnson. Life’s doldrums are a primordial soup for some of our most quintessentially
human moments. Remember that when planning your summer.

Who we are. Once the colossal consuming force, the 75 million remaining Baby Boomers have suddenly been
eclipsed by the 90-million-strong Generation Y. Five major generational markets now dominate the U.S. They
are: the G.I. Generation (born 1905-1924), the Silent Generation (born 1925-1944), the Baby Boomers (born
1945-1964), Generation X (born 1965-1984) and the caboose, Generation Y (born after 1985). Think tweens,
teens and twenty-somethings with deep pockets.

The traffic is tough too. By the end of 2008, for the first time in history, more earthlings will live in urban
areas than rural. The majority will be in the sprawling megacities of the developing world and in “new” or
“instant” cities such as Dubai, Beijing and Guangzhou. Architects feel hard-pressed by the phenomenon and
wonder if authenticity in form is attainable in cities that mostly grow overnight.

Seventh inning success. Books and kudos to Patti Futrell, general manager of leadership communications at
Delta Air Lines, and Lori Snyder, account manager at Benefits Planning, for their answers. “Take Me Out to
the Ballgame” was indeed written by Jack Norworth in 1908 on a scrap of paper as he was riding the train to

Quote to note. “The brain is a wonderful organ; it starts working the moment you get up in the morning, and
does not stop until you get into the office.” ~ Robert Frost

Thanks for reading.

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