January 2008

January 2008

January 2008

Stop the presses. Scrap that story titled “The Certain Death of the American Newspaper.” Fully 10 titles this
year reported a rise in daily circulation, versus two last year. And Robert Thomson, transmogrifier
extraordinaire of the Financial Times and The Times in London, has returned to our shores. As publisher of
Rupert Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal, the quiet Aussie will likely target for acquisition those one million or so
readers of The New York Times living everywhere but New York. With the new WSJ, get ready for a newspaper
battle unlike any since the 1920s—amid the Internet Revolution, no less.

The Myopic Manager (First Class): Circuit City wanted so badly to retain its “top talent” that it created
“executive retention bonuses” of $600K to $1 million. This was some months after that top talent dismissed
3,400 store employees deemed “too highly paid.” At both points, revenue plummeted. (The second time was
presumably poetic justice.)

Retro-Delete. Nearly 95 percent of incoming email is spam, according to one estimate. New-launch Abaca
claims it can filter 99 percent of it by profiling the recipient as opposed to the sender. Ninety-nine percent of
anything human is about as likely as absolute zero.

Elderthink. The 44 million Americans who are caring for another adult will increase drastically as baby
boomers continue to age. News? Maybe. The National Alliance for Caregiving, the AARP and the MetLife
Foundation have the answers: offer flexible work schedules and utilize the Family Medical Leave Act to
provide eldercare. New? You decide.

Tuition Turnaround. You may not have noticed, but last year was when the Ivy League schools started to slide
down the “Most Expensive Colleges” list as they used their huge reserves to provide tuition discounts based on
family income.

Business Buzz Word. Green. Verde. Vert. Grün. Groen. Grønn. 綠色. グリーン. Enough.

Quote to note: “Be at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let every new year find you a
better man.”—Benjamin Franklin. (Women seem to read this differently from men, Ben, old boy.)

Thanks for reading.

Our colleague Elizabeth Smithgall was profiled extensively in the January issue of Atlanta Woman magazine.

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