April 2013

April 2013

After Boston. Digital played its role with photos and tweets by the millions flying across Boston and around the world. But the crucial moment came when a man stepped out of his house, lifted the tarp on his boat, went back inside, and used the telephone.

The heart of the matter. In a shade over 10 years we have endured two attacks on this nation, two wars, and two recessions, one of them the greatest economic collapse since the Great Depression. No wonder we’re scared breathless. But on every one of those days during that time, your heart beat 100,000 times a day to pump blood through the circulatory system in your body that is 60,000 miles long. Feeling better?

Tuesdays with William. He’s 90 and blind and not exactly a household name. But writers around the country – in newsrooms and corporations, in their country retreats and at their keyboards in big cities – certainly know the name of William Zinsser. The author of the classic “On Writing Well,” all but blind from glaucoma, has opened his doors to all his former clients, readers and friends. Read me what you have, he says, and all day long he listens and reacts. For free.

But is it fair trade? Residents of Nordic countries – and specifically Finland – drink more coffee than in any other region of the world. Citizens of these chilly countries drink on average five cups a day. Americans, on the other hand, drink closer to two and a half cups.

Monsignor Dillon’s daily devotional, for ages 5 to 105.

A venerable priest in Washington state shows the kids in his parish kindergarten how to face life:

Once a week, he says, stand before a full-length mirror and ask: “Why did God make me?”

Raise your right fist say: “God made me to be good.”

Then raise your left fist and say: “And happy.”

Then raise both your thumbs straight up, saying: “And successful.”

Keep looking in the mirror and say: “God did not make me to be bad” (take your right fist down).

“And sad” (take your left fist down)

“And a failure” (turn both thumbs down).

The kids grin – their smiles say it works.

My customer, right or wrong. When you think of great customer service, what brands come to mind? Google, Amazon, Publix, and L.L. Bean lead the list these days. What is your favorite service brand and why? Best example of outstanding service gets a book.

Quote to note: “The art of art, the glory of expression and the sunshine of the light of letters is simplicity.” – Walt Whitman


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April brought our firm new clients in sports, agriculture, and higher education, located in New Jersey, Idaho, and Georgia. We’re grateful.





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