We have varied and significant experience across the United States in cases of high-profile and sensitive litigation, pertaining to race and gender discrimination, labor, environmental and corporate compliance.

We have also assisted in performance disputes between leading law firms. We have been happy to help selected clients with their non-legal issues involving media, research and positioning.

The Ledlie Group has worked with leading law firms on behalf of their individual and corporate clients.

Some Ledlie cases in the litigation area include:

Our experience in multiple cases has led to the development of the largest communications database on discrimination matters.
The world’s largest manufacturing company was accused of a chemical spill on a commercial investment site. Plaintiff lawyers brought in TV news. The joint defense team assembled a study for media that ended the coverage in a single news cycle.
A $30 billion company faced a possible crisis as a result of a threatened wrongful termination suit. Our firm determined there was an almost automatic risk of nationwide hostile news coverage. The client moved to settle.
A global corporation and its overseas partners and faced charges by the U.S. Justice Department. The chief executive wanted an immediate assessment of damage once the news hit; we provided that and an exit strategy. The story was “out and over” in 24 hours.
An important client of a leading law firm faced widespread embarrassment because of an accident on his property. His family attorney forwarded the matter to us, and we demonstrated to interested world media that the situation was benign. End of headlines.
Real Estate
An international financial services firm had a serious real estate problem: toxic mold at one of its apartment complexes. The problem was compounded by a PR-driven politician attempting to exploit the issue. The joint defense team developed an exit strategy that reduced unfavorable publicity and avoided litigation.