American business too often acts like an emergency room, working best when the vital signs are down and the body temperature has gone through the roof.

You can throw a platoon of lawyers at a legal problem, a myriad of statements at a hostile headline, an entire battalion of sales people and marketing budgets against the competition. But most businesses do very little to mobilize the greatest force at their command – their employees.
Smart companies know their business depends on the people on the payroll – whether they’re frontline folks or the people who make the frontline folks feel good about coming to work.

Too many companies, however, feed their employees tired platitudes like, “You’re our greatest asset.” Or they issue pallid, predictable newsletters. Even worse, they put out transparent pronouncements from the boss entitled: “From the Top.”

This approach is ill-advised when communicating with an audience that escapes from the office every day to a world of cynicism, disingenuousness, and hardship.

Communicate with your employees in a new way: Think of them as a solution to a potential crisis, a way to turn a hostile audience in your favor or an opportunity to react to a new market. They will in turn act as your greatest ambassador and ally. They should be treated with respect and honesty.

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