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The Ledlie Group Mourns the Passing of its Founder

The Ledlie Group is saddened to report that on December 25, 2015, Joe Ledlie, the firm’s namesake and founder, passed away at the age of 72. A man who inspired all those he came across, he impacted thousands of people with his wisdom, talent, and way with words. Read more about …

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February was Book Month at The Ledlie Group

February was book month of a sort for The Ledlie Group. An annual report for a non-profit was completed, and initial work begun on a Ph.D. business consultant’s “how to.” Looming: an investment manager’s second book. (We did his first four years ago. Guess it worked.)

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2014 was a Good Year for The Ledlie Group

We thought you might like to know. In 2014 we assisted a global manufacturing firm, a century-old law firm, insurance brokerage firms in Georgia and Idaho, institutes of higher education in New England and the far West, a down-home restaurant right here at home, a New England hospital, and a …

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