Category: News and Views - Year: 2013

The Ledlie Group adds range of clients in 2013

The year 2013 brought to the client list of The Ledlie Group: colleges in New England and Georgia, a global consulting firm based in London, a sports complex in New Jersey, a large potato farm in Idaho, and the largest religious communications organization in the world. In the Atlanta market, …

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2013 Blanchard Award given to philanthropist Bob Jepson

Robert Scott Jepson Jr. was awarded this year’s Blanchard Award for his work as a successful entrepreneur and generous humanitarian who has become a model of ethical business success. Mr. Jepson was presented with The Blanchard Award for Business and Ethical Leadership before an audience of 1,000 Georgia business, political …

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The Ledlie Group adds clients

The Ledlie Group broadened its operations in Q1 2013 with the addition of travel, professional service, and financial service clients, all of Atlanta. The firm currently serves clients in Atlanta and across north Georgia, as well as in New York, New Jersey, Utah, and Idaho.

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