Shielding Against Bias Claims

Shielding Against Bias Claims

Corporate Reputation Management Case Study

The Ledlie Group received a referral from a friend at a large Atlanta law firm to assist one of his clients regarding a discrimination/harassment lawsuit that was filed against the client by a storied plaintiff law firm.

The lawsuit alleged improper comments and actions on the part of management and some employees working in a sales office. The company was concerned that law firm PR tactics might irreparably damage its reputation and increase the chances of the lawsuit gaining class action status.

The Ledlie Group met with the company’s executives and its legal team to develop the overall communications strategy. A thorough review of our proprietary discrimination database, which includes nationwide information regarding ongoing discrimination lawsuits, allowed us to develop detailed insight into the plaintiff law firm’s strategy. Our research helped us anticipate plaintiff lawyer initiatives, maximizing favorable media coverage for the client.

The Ledlie Group also provided on-site counsel at the sales office. We helped handle media relations and training, employee communications and professional relations training.

The client also requested The Ledlie Group’s assistance in reshaping the culture of the sales department, including a revision of all its sales materials. This preventive measure helped the company minimize the exposure to damages as a result of the lawsuit, while optimizing the management of the corporate reputation.

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