Managing That Meeting

Managing That Meeting

Meeting Management Case Study

A nationally known online banking solutions provider asked The Ledlie Group to manage conference speakers for its annual client conference after the role was unexpectedly vacated by the company’s speaker manager two months prior to the event.

Our role as speaker manager included educating keynote, internal and client on conference goals and expectations, coordinating conference calls for each agenda session, enforcing presentation and logistical deadlines and managing version control for all deliverables. Our team also worked closely with the company’s conference team, content manager and meeting management staff to ensure on-site success.

The client has relied on The Ledlie Group to manage speakers in destination cities such as Las Vegas, Phoenix and San Diego for the past three years.

The event consistently attracts upper-level management from small to mid-size banks and credit unions across the United States. It was most recently headlined by keynote speakers Steve Forbes and Christopher Gardner.

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