Helping an Airline Ground a Union

Helping an Airline Ground a Union

Corporate Communications Case Study

The chief executive of one of the world’s largest airlines opened a letter from a national labor union. The letter read, in effect: “We’ve already got the numbers to unionize. Just concede the process so we can make it formal.” The union had procured enough signed authorization cards among one specific work group to request an election from the National Mediation Board.

Within three days, The Ledlie Group developed a campaign that would stall the aggressive, one-year nationwide efforts of the organizers.

In collaboration with the human resources, communication and legal departments, The Ledlie Group produced a full range of strategies and communication instruments to reclaim the allegiance of one diverse work group that represented 8,000 employees.

The company was able to refute the union’s propaganda by using a variety of communications tools through key communication channels. The open and direct dialogue between management and employees proved pivotal in defeating the union’s election.

The corporate communications program created by The Ledlie Group was so effective that the airline was able to use the campaign to defeat three separate union organizing attempts during the decade.

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