A Tragedy in Full

A Tragedy in Full

Crisis Communication Plan Case Study

A long-time legal friend recommended The Ledlie Group to one of his Fortune 500 clients hours after one of the client’s subsidiary companies suffered a disastrous mine explosion that killed 13 miners. The company’s communications director was overwhelmed by the gravity of the incident and the number of media requests, which were multiplying at record speed.

To ensure consistent and timely strategic communications with company employees and their families, members of the media, union representatives and government investigators, our team traveled to the site of the explosion and established a communications command center, where we worked side-by-side with the company’s communications director, as well as its corporate and legal teams.

The result? The client was pleased with how we diffused the situation and asked us to develop a crisis communications plan for future implementation.

The Ledlie Group quickly became the company’s crisis agency of record (a year later the client asked for our counsel when the government agency’s report was released).

We have since been asked for assistance in several other incidents involving one or more of the company’s subsidiaries.

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