Author: The Ledlie Group

January 2015

Remember the line about not getting into a fight with somebody who buys ink by the barrel? Frothing after seeing his name in the local daily, a Frederick city councilman took to Facebook to condemn the writer and threaten legal action. The Maryland newspaper then ran an article headlined: “Kirby …

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November 2014

Family Values, 20 percent off. The yearly parade of American avarice known as “Black Friday” is starting a whole day early this year. You may know the day as Thanksgiving. Some stores will be open for business on the holiday itself for consumers looking to get that 52 in. flat …

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October 2014

It’s a Canine Eat Crinoline World. The holidays are about family, good times, and as we all may know only too well – spending. First up? Halloween. The National Retail Federation estimates this year’s holiday (that’s today, by the way) is bringing in almost $7.4 billion. (Have you seen how …

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