Author: The Ledlie Group

May 2015

Summer is icumen in  Not bad for an octogenarian. Entering his ninth decade, our friend Frank (he can claim many friends) had a trick up his sleeve. A longtime Blackjack enthusiast, he gathered his children together for some birthday cards. At the casino table, they held out their hands towards …

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March 2015

Hot hot hot! Fountain pens? There is no clacking of keyboards in most of the classrooms at one Edinburgh institution. The Mary Erskine School and Stewart’s Melville College, as they are jointly called, house their computers separately. Old-fashioned fountain pens help boost the academic performance and self-esteem of his 1,200 …

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Situation: Government Raid

A spurious federal raid on a 500-agency brokerage headquartered in the West resulted in bogus news coverage and great existential damage to the owning family. Response Immediate correction of the record and proactive communications with the brokerage’s nationwide business base kept the business afloat as counteraction continued for almost two …

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